torsdag 13 mars 2014

tisdag 11 februari 2014


Some training in Dublin with Marina and Danae(photos stolen from Danae)
Working on Rolla-bolla-act

torsdag 2 januari 2014

Argentina here I come!

Hi everyone,

As you may have noticed I have not been very active here for a while.. And that's a long story, to long to tell and maybe not really of interest either.

Any way like Henrik wrote earlier Circomara have and are going through a lot of changes, because I will not be apart of it.. Not for a while at least, because I have just received a message from a circus school in Argentina that


Which means that I will move to Argentina and continue my training there. They have really good aerial teachers and the school is also focused on dance which I am very interested in combining aerial and dance, so I think it will be just perfect for me!

But I really hope for Circomara to continue its journey and I wish it all the best of luck and I think what ever happens it will be supergreat!

 Tonight I will do my first single performance in a pub in the central of Dublin called The Twisted Peppers. I feel a bit nervous but it will be allrighty!

Hopefully me and Henrik will do a show in Galway as well in the last week of January! That will be amasing!

Hope to see you all there ;)